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Pain point
If the blockchain could not prove its meaning of existence,
it would exists as a private security system, behind lots of innovations.
There are many projects which have vague goals and are rash, with the name of the blockchain
In the present ecosystem of blockchain, platform and utility coin markets are dependent on contradiction of market and speculation psychology of users.
Now, 2 years later from the invigoration of the coin market, we need to examine what the blockchain is for, the coin economy which is working actually or not, and how many percent of projects has been proven.

Contradictions of DAPP
In stance of DAPP, it is a huge adventure to be a dapp of a particular platform.
1. A general service A approaches a general market with same money.
2. Blockchain service A, B, C approach markets subordinate to platform coins.
3. The market which a blockchain service approaches is quite finite comparing with general services approach.
4. A blockchain service, namely dapp, should survive until the verification of revenue model on the market which has 1/300 times smaller than general markets.
5. There is no dapp making profits enough to be listed on the market.
6. Hence, dapp should not invest to a platform coin which is not vitalized.

Contradictions of platform coins
Most of platform coins are not vitalized and have no source of income through inflow of DAPP.
1. Platform can be vitalized by participation of many DAPP
2. In stance of dapp which is invested about 1 million dollars, it has an advantage to be participated when a platform is vitalized.
3. 'The organization of ecosystem' means that about 100 dapps are active.
4. We have to support about 1000 dapps for organization of 100 dapps because dapp's rate of success is 1/10, generally.
5. About 1MIL dollars on the early stage and 15MIL on the growth phase have to be obtained for each dapp, averagely.
6. Therefore, about 1BIL on the early stage and 15BIL on the growth phase must be obtained for 1000 dapps.
7. However, platform coin has no income until the vitalization, so that dapp cannot be supported for the organization of ecosystem.
8. Hence, there would be a contradiction that dapp cannot be vitalized because of lack of funds for vitalization of dapp.
The blockchain ecosystem which can be applied actually is asked urgent, so that we need a special solution for construct it.
Primary Project We construct the blockchain ecosystem through state-of-the-art technology with future value. The project is operated based on blockchain IoT advertisement guaranteed by international patent, AI trading and game with the experience of highest level.
Platform coin of bottom-up way By dapps which are possible to reach in markets through cash inflow, the projects which could be proven the ecosystem within 3-6 monthes are gathered, construct the platform, and approach the mainnet.
ICD + DAO For being coin alive as the blockchain, a planning which business model can be operated based on understanding of token economy is needed. Transparency in ownership is also one of the precondition. ICD and DAO, the intrinsic mechanism of RIX would support it.
How it Works
RIX is used in 3 business fields, has a concept of intrinsic assets,
and is a token ecosystem which cash inflow is enacted by the business model.
Rix enhances rapid settlement of ecosystem by verified business model and technology.
RIX Economy
RIX Token Economy
1. Vitalize immediately because possesses unit of cash creation.
2. Available to use infra which the basic projects constructed immediately in stance of dapp.
3. Spend not much money to build ecosystem.
Three types of PP have different transaction type each other, and are operated syntagmatically.
3-dimension AI trading engine
In the trading part, the 3-dimension AI decision making engine based on DQN like AlphaGo perform trading on complex cryptocurrency market by producing number of cases approaches to infinity. For this AI engine, there is no such a counter algorithm which is a disadvantage of rule-based AI. Hence we can achieve and maintain earnings rate reliably.

Single-layered machine is opreated in present(related technology link)

Independent individual recognition technology of RIX IoT-AI advertisement system
Individual recognition AI ad make reward to consumption and behavior of watching ad on the street possible. In addition, variety of business could be possible through autonomous user engagement. It is definitely an innovative business for advertiser who can know investment earnings rate per marketing exactly, and for user who the protection of personal information is guaranteed during watching ad.

International patents(related technology link)
Game platforms based on Unity/Unreal/HTML5
3 projects need cryptocurrency users as a common denominator. For these users, utilizing environment to use token is provided inside of RIX. Through this, RIX's internal reserved value is increased and reliability to outer is secured as an exchange value. Our RIX team has development experience of blockchain technology, casual games and convergence games.

related technology link
- The patent of ad-provide system based on short distance users (the application number 10-2014-0050852)
- The patent of payment system based on short distance users (the application number 10-2015-0021383)
- The patent of detector for distinguish short distence users (the application number 10-2014-0068257)
- Possess international patents of related technology in US, CHN, JPN




Patent of ROK
-Detecter For Identifing User At Close Range 1015170270000 (2015.04.27)
-Smart TV System Using User Identification 1017629300000 (2017.07.24)
-Digital Signage System By Nearfield User Identification 1016815210000 (2016.11.25)
-System For Paying Based On Wireless local area network And Method Thereof 1017844230000 (2017.09.27)
-Elevator Management System Using User Identification 1017380560000 (2017.05.15)
-Automatic Vending Machine By Nearfield User Identification 1016129430000 (2016.04.08)
-System Providing Advertisement To User At Close Range 1015531610000 (2015.09.08)
-System Offering Information Of User At Close Range 1013635860000 (2014.02.07)
-Fraud Detection System Of Credit Card 1016090460000 (2016.03.29)

PCT(International): PCT/KR/2014/002708

U.S. Patent Application No. 14/779,337
"Short distance user recognition system, and system and method for providing information using same"

European Patent Application No.: 14778824.4-1955
"Short distance user recognition system, and system and method for providing information using same"

PCT Patent Application Entering Chinese National Phase Application No.201480023217.2
Title: Close-range user identification system, And Information providing system and method using the same

Vietnam filing patent appliocation NO. 1-2015-03608
"Short distance user recognition system, and system and method for providing information using same"
AI trading
-Complete single-layer system of AI trading
-Behavior analysis of consumers based on RF flag
-Plan population model of pandemic occurrence and spreading based on nonlinear ODE
-Generation risk factor for each investment target by NLP
-AI investment portfolio: Reinforcement learning based on risk assessment
-RF RSSI analysis: development of indoor-location detection system
-HD heavy industry: development of tool analysing task location inside of special ship

-Development of individual signage using distinguish short distance users
-Development of AI signage of providing central contents
-Development of purchase prediction system using AI
-Development of location tracking system based on anaysis of electromagnetic wave using AI
- Development of smart vending machine
- Development of tourism organization O2O marketing
- Development of smart tourism system with signage-payment linkage

- Awarded the grand prize- Korea TV app innovation supervised by MSIT
- Awarded the grand prize- gunman: the beginning of the legend
- Development of mass storage server which gungho-online
-Development of convergence game <Gunman: the beginning of the legend>
-Development of convergence game <Lumber Jack>
-Development of convergence game <Shaking>
-Development of convergence game <Blackjack Party>
-Development of convergence game <Catch Me>
-Development of convergence game <Christmas wish>
-Development of convergence game <Parsing Trainer>
Road map
Our Team
Core Members

Founder, AI Designer, Developer
Customer's behavial-analysis by RF flag
Indoor location detecting system by RF RSSI analysis
Analysis of detected location data on special ships of HYUNDAI
AI investment portfolio: RL based on risk assessment
Real-time application of risk factor based on NLP

Joonhee Kim
AI Designer , AI Developer
Customer's behavial-analysis by RF flag
Simulation of population model about pandemic disease
Indoor location detecting system by RF RSSI analysis
Analysis of detected location data on special ships of HYUNDAI
AI investment portfolio: RL based on risk assessment
Real-time application of risk factor based on NLP

Kijae Lee
Meiji Japan Nutrition Management Sytem
TSHUKUBA EXPRESS Railway Managemenat System
Hyundai Oilbank OSM
Onse KT Snowman Portal
YTpartners Estate Portal
SKtelecom iMap 2.0

Sangseok Lee
KRCC Pension Management System
KRCC Fund Accounting System
Smilegate Gamezone
NIPA SW Engineering Information Storage
SKTelecom CMS
SKTelecom iMAP 2.0

Taehun Kim
Python, Hadoop
SKTelecom IMS
SKTelecom PSS
SKTelecom Legacy NMS Platform Project
SKTelecom ODIN
SKTelecom SRAS

Advisory Board
CEO/Founder at Avocado Entertainment
Avocado Entertainment CEO/Founder
Yahoo! Korea Head of Game Division
Samsung Corporation Manager and Consultant
Mr. Rix
BIg Data Expert
RIX Supporter

Gilmo Kang
Senior reporter of GAMER'Z 'reporting team
Game planning advice

Leviathan Chief Executive Officer
Investment analysis and strategic planning

Hyungki Cho(tsar)
Blockcrafters Market Analyst
RIX Supporter

DMC Market Analyst
OILAGE Market Analyst
BICOMAX Market Analyst
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